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Paradragon Fitness and Training

"Our goal is to grow the depth of talent that exists across the country and to empower Para athletes to compete at all levels. While I strongly believe that a happy boat is a fast boat, we expect the highest level of discipline to foster commitment, dedication, and sportsmanship among Paradragons USA."

— Anne Becker | Assistant Coach, East

Enhance your dragon boat paddling performance, power, and endurance through targeted strength training while reducing the risk of injury.


Our Training Team will come to you!

As part of our Tactical Training Team approach to our 2024 program, we will send one or two of our coaches anywhere within the U.S. to conduct 1 to 3 day mini camps with any club that wants to be involved in our Para development—whether or not you have any Para or Support Paradragon USA paddlers. We will come to you!


By simply covering the coach's transportation and accommodation costs, this approach makes it much less expensive for the participants. We currently have a few of these training events in the planning stages.


Contact us to start the process for your club and further information!


Get Started on your own routine!

We encourage all athletes to supplement on-water practices with land-based training to improve overall strength and cardio. A solid weightlifting plan will prepare your muscles to handle the load of your dragon boat practice. Cardiovascular fitness will boost your performance on and off the water. Mobility exercises and yoga are great options for strengthening and stretching.We recommend using an Erg (rowing machine) for total body workouts engaging all the important muscle groups that you will use for paddling, especially leg drive. Check out the Concept2 website for proper rowing technique and trainining programs:

Additionally, pErg workouts (rowing machine with paddle adapter) are very important for paddling development and are used by many coaches for team selection. If you want to be successful, you need to work hard! 

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