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Paradragons Coming Together

As the division of Paradragons grows nationally, and internationally, the need to connect personally is vital. Communication technology is great, but it does not replace in-person hands-on training. With the diverse needs of diverse para impairments, coaches can work directly with individuals to provide the best opportunities for improvement and advancement. Camps also give Support paddlers the opportunity to learn and practice assisting Paras both on the water and on land.

Zoom Meetings

We will hold periodic Zoom meetings to bring everyone together to share info about camps, races, individual training plans, and get to know each other! We will have an ASL interpreter for deaf participants. Make sure to fill out the Interest Form and sign into our Slack Channel for the latest info on upcoming meetings. 


We will hold Training Camps throughout the year, throughout the country. And outside the country! Most will be held just prior to festivals and races so that the attendees can crew together against other clubs to practice what they’ve learned. Most camps will be limited to approximately 20 paddlers, giving priority to Paras. This will give the athletes more individual attention and training opportunity. These camps will instill our paddle, blending and race techniques that will be consistent with all coaches and trainers, so that we’ll all be on the same page when we come together from around the country for races.


Our Training Camps will be held just prior to races, but we encourage all paddlers, both Para and Support, to compete in as many races as you can with your own local clubs. Especially those who plan to try out for Team USA Paradragons. We will list festivals and races on our website. There may be events where we can create a Paradragon crew if there's enough paddlers attending.

If you know of any festivals or events that are not listed, please contact us to update our list!

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